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    DS2Key 0.5b3

    So I LOVE the idea behind this application, and the one time I got it to work it was fantastic. But the only way I was able to do it was to disable WEP on my router. With WEP enabled, I get the message "ASSOCSTATUS_AUTHENTICATING" on the DS bottom screen after trying to connect and a lot of streaming hex codes on the top screen, but it never makes the connection ("Cannot connect to Access Point). I've tried both using the DS's default Access Point settings (which have no problem with my WEP key) and manual setup, putting the WEP key in myself. I apologize if this is something that's been covered, but I don't see it in the documentation I've read and don't see a thread about it on the forum. Is there a problem using WEP with DS2Key? Having the settings in there (and theoretically being able to use the DS's built-in access point settings) would seem to imply it can handle WEP, and I just am missing how to do it. (I've double checked the key input both on my DS's settings and in the DS2Key settings; it's the right WEP key.) Little help? I love the program but don't want to leave my WEP off. It's bad enough that I have to use WEP instead of WPA because Nintendo built an outdated piece of hardware. Thanks in advance.
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