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  1. Someone in a review for it said that the letters showed up as nonsense symbols (@,! that type of stuff) rather than japanese. Anyone had any experience with the action replay? Also, in another topic someone mentioned freeloader for $10, where would i get that? I've only seen it for $20+. I'd much rather spend a little more for an action replay if it works than freeloader since action replay does codes obviously.

  2. He's just using zero's though. His main weapon and "specialty" is still the x-buster. You don't really use the sword for much. In X3 you can get zero's sword too. Oh yeah, but the blade and shadow armor use the sword in X6...hmm. The shadow armor kicks so much ass it's not even funny. Ok i'm rambling, point is zero is cooler. If there was an option for x with shadow armor i'd pick that one though :lol:.

  3. No there's only one series, they explain the whole angel thing later. You gotta see that series a few times cause it's totaly crazy. I've only seen it once though :lol:. I love when shinji's eva goes berserk :lol:.

  4. I dont think it has anything to do with mugen, but i'm not sure. I think it's like zip or rar files. The info is all gca'd up in there and i need to get it out to use it. Won't you help me free the poor information :) it just wants to play. I could take another look at the mugen faq too.

  5. Ok I got a few mugen characters but they're in.gca format... I looked on download.com and found some zipsearch or something, no idea how to use it, deleted it. Wtf are.gca files? I can't find anything on google either. Anyone know how to "un-gca" these things?



    Neo fought the smiths cause he's cocky. There were only a few at first and he thought he could take them easy, and when more came he got lost in the heat of the battle. Plus it looked cool and they wanted to show that there's a ton of smiths and they are a threat to neo, not just some big group of panzies. That's my theory.

  7. Whilst perusing suncoast for anime of cource, i came upon a live action dragonball dvd. I heard they were making it but i forgot about it until now. Anyone know the name of it? I forgot what it said and i can't find it on suncoast or amazon. I'm sure it's gonna suck, but it will still be fun to laugh at it :wink:. Thanks.

  8. Ok..... so i retryed castlevania again and it worked this time. So sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.... I burnt vandal hearts 2 which i got online, and that worked sometimes and sometimes not. Castlevania is skippy though, and vandal hearts screws up right away. I dont know if it's the cd, the burner, or the thing on the back. I should definately get a mod-chip.... new burner would help too. *sigh* my burnt dc games work fine. 'Tiz frustrating. Oh yeah i burnt vandal hearts with cdrwin, but when i sat down on the floor i hit it against my laundry basket, so i don't know if that might be why it's skipping (damn i'm clumsy).

  9. I have faith in ya :wink:. I downloaded suikoden 2, and used fireburner to convert it to iso, and burnt it with diskjuggler and it seems to work fine. Only problem is it's in german, but that's not the burner's fault, lol. I used nero to burn castlevania: symphony of the night which i got from my friend, and i put it in the psx and it doesn't work, but if i use the cd player part of the psx it plays the secret tracks.... also i got epsxe to test it out and that runs the game just fine. I think i probably need a mod-chip. I have a pretty old power replay (it's like a gameshark, goes on the back) that you're suposed to be able to run games with. It ran suikoden 2 fine..... :shock: (i like that one, lol). I'm gonna burn some more of his games and try it out. I got 100 cds from best buy for $30, plus a $20 mail in rebate :D so i'm set for a while. Hey, me! maybe this would be easier if we talked on a chat program thing. I have messenger, icq, and aim if you have any of those. Well anyway, here i go a burning........

  10. I unchecked that a while ago, but it still asks if i want to do a test burn. Maybe i got a weird version, or maybe it's cause i dled a crack for it right away. I'll try redownloading it. Oh and i tried the cdrwin or whatever it is too. I pick record disc, and load cuesheet, and an error comes up that says Error: Invalid CUE SHEET command at line 1. Unable to find or open file. But i checked the file with fireburner for corruption and it said it was ok... I tried another game too and cdrwin said that one had the same error.


    Hmm, well i'm looking under capabilities, and they all say no except for CD-R read... does that mean it thinks my cd drive can't burn? This is annoying. I gotta go to class but i want to keep messing with it :shock:. Curse you philosophy, curse you. :wink:

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