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  1. well....thanks for the site but it doesnt have what im looking for....or it doesnt even teaches me how to do it.....but lately i found out....that grandia isnt a 2d game its more 3d-model game...and i heard that the only way to rip the sprites is by screenshots alone....but i want to find another way then doing it with screen shots....since my computer is pretty old and everytime i use this program (i forgot the name of it) it takes screenshots every 10 milisecond....and my computer slows down like hell and it ends up taking like 4-5 screen shots.....so if anyone has some info on how to rip 3d-model sprites without screenshots....i would gladly like to hear
  2. well, this is my first post...and i need help on ripping Grandia Sprites....if someone can help me or teach me how to do it.....and thanks for reading
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