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    DS2Key 0.5b3

    Hi, I think I have a problem with ds2key or I don't know how to configure it. I'm using max media launcher with m3minisd. I have inactivated Windows firewall. I launch ds2key.exe wich says "Awaiting UDP messages on port 9501" I lauch ds2key.nds, connects to an AP, search for an AP, found my router, accept, connect. Enter ds2key, accept UDP port, accept profile 0. And... nothing. There is a lot of hex code with RTRTs on the upper screen when I press buttons, but there is no reaction on the computer side. ds2key stills awaits UDP messages, and Notepad records no input. What have I done wrong? [edit] Ok, simple as that, I did not checked the IP. Thank you Sypherce.
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