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  1. That's my question....either way I'll find out soon cuz I just won it on Ebay for .01 shipping was $7 so it cost me $7.01.....pretty good deal...either way thanks for the reply
  2. Okay I just found my ff7 and started to play it again and was thinking of the gameshark (for ps1 I used to have) that made my 2nd and 3rd Xs beating the game easier....nowadays I only own a PS2, is there anyway to get gameshark cheats for this ps1 game to work on my ps2? and what program would I use...I've looked a little into flip-tops and slide cards, and I don't really want to risk my PS2....and I also heard the earlier versions of Game Shark 2 came with a bonus disk of PS1 games, anyone know if the FF games are on there??? thanks for any help Summer
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