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  1. just did some change to my webpage it back now
  2. I added more picture guides in my webpage Snes,Pgen, Neocd and Imbnes are up and running. the link is in the first thread
  3. Here the guides for Snes, Pgen, Neocd, Imbnes, Ps2mame,Jum's A5200, Psms,PS2-DC64, and Dreamspec. Added NeoPop/ps2 Aren't emulators ilegal?No, emulators are 100% legal so I added the link to each emulators Are roms ilegal?Yes roms are ilegal because they are copyrighted so don't request roms *Here my page if you need to see pictures of it Snes,Pgen, Neocd and Imbnes are up there some fixing I need to do http://www.jreyes.us/Guide.html Snes you can burn it to a cd-r or a dvd-+r Here the list you need to have: *Nero burning rom software *the emulator call snes v2.3(http://snes-station
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