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  1. While I usually approve hijacking threads with Dudu Zar, this thread is dedicated to hot chicks, and therefore should be off limit. If you want, you can start a new Dudu Zar thread, or hijack on of Fatal Rose's threads, but this is the hot chicks thread and the hot chicks thread it shall remain!

  2. I got A free one year Kaspersky license from my ISP, and it's about to expire. Since my ass is not tight enough to actually pay for an anti virus, I was wondering what free software you guys recommend? I used Avast before I got my free Kaspersky, but I know the AV market is very fluid so something that was good a year ago isn't necessarily good now...

  3. Mount and Blade: Warband!


    Too bad It's gonna take me two weeks getting my international credit card(Well, it kind of my fault for ordering the wrong one in the first place...), so I can only play the trial until then... Oh well, at least I get an excuse to start 500+ characters!

  4. Usually the problem is that you think about doing things instead of just going ahead and doing them. When you spend your time thinking instead of doing, not only you waste time - you also find many problems and use them as excuses not to do the thing you want, or delay it. Most of those problems are pretty easy to solve by crossing the bridge when you reach it - which you won't unless you stop thinking and start doing.


    Now, I don't say you shouldn't plan - doing stuff without planning is not always wise - but you should limit your planning to the preparations, not to the actual acts.


    Remember - instead of thinking about what you want to do - just do it. If that advice sounds stupid and cliche - that's because you are thinking about it, instead of doing it!

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