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    Well, if I don't writer anything in my blog than it just uses up 1Emulation's precious bytes. So, let me tell you about a game I'm working on(in my own lazy way) - AirSapper. AirSapper is another game about the war between Israel(aka the good guys) and Lebanon(aka the bad guys), made in order to rise the Israeli moral.
    The purpose of AirSapper is to sabotage the Katyusha missiles while in the air so they won't reach Israel. The controls are simple - the left&right arrows are used to run around, the up arrow is used to jump, the down arrow is used to jump down from missiles(you need to hold it for a short while), and the space bar is used to sabotage the missiles. You need to hold the space bar until the missile starts to explode.
    There are also enemies in the game, in the form of cannons(please accept my apology for classifying those things as cannons), and bonuses inside boxes. You need to open a box in order to get the bonus inside - and you do it in the same way you sabotage a missile.
    Here is the link to download the game - http://www.geocities.com/someddyelse/AirSapper30.7.zip. you can activate the game from either the jar file or the batch file. This game needs java version 1.4 or higher in order to run.
    Hope you have fun playing it!
  2. someboddy
    So yea... I have a blog too now... I just wanted to be one of the first bloggers on the new system... Anyways, make sure you visit my blog daily! Cause someone has to do it, and it's not going to be me...
    Don't worry. I may look like a boring guy, but I have very interesting life... on the internet... well, I still have those games I make to write about. So make sure you check up once in a while to get the latest info on my games, and download exclusive beta versions!
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