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  1. sorry, i think I misunderstood that win2000 is not an upgrade of winxp but a downgrade rather. Therefore I upgraded my os to win xp. This still doesn't fix the problem, however. the game now exits with the same message as above (when run from command line). I have also checked that my video card does have VESA2. any help will be appreciated. btw, why alot of other games end up not being able to run after i upgrade to xp? i am not able to access my yahoo email account either. any help on that is also appreciated.
  2. I have win2000, ATI rage 128 (GL) card, creative SB live -I tried your patch, because I think win2000 is an upgrade of winxp -I don't really know if my video card support vesa, I think it does, cuz I had once played mugen on win 95 on this same computer, and I haven't changed my video card. I used to get "initializing sound: no sound hardware found" ... "can't change video mode to 320x240x16bits" "switch to 640x480x16bits? [y/n]" [y] "Library <build in> message: can't change video mode" "Error message: you need a VESA driver to run M.U.G.E.N" after installing the patch, I only get "initializing sound: no sound hardware found" "Library <build in> message: can't change video mode" "Error detected" I think I am closer to getting it to work. I'll be grateful if you can explain what the problem is.
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