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    DS2Key 0.5b3

    Superb job! I haven't had a problem with it on my regular computer using WEP and a Phat DS w/ flashme+GBAMP or DS Lite w/ passcard3+M3CF. I also ran 2 instances on my computer with seperate ports, one acting as mouse, the other as gamepad and worked flawlessly. One suggestion though, on the PC exe, it would be nice if we could have a minimise to taskbar button or minimise to Taskbar on startup option (cause on my media center computer, it freezes the window if you try to close it with the DS... ) I mainly use it for SNES emulation on the media center, or to control the mouse for updates so I don't have ungodly amounts of wires coming out of it. I can't stress how awesome you are.
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