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  1. Appreciate the info right, off google searching I go! I really want this working on my xbox finally!
  2. Thanks Thraxen for the advice to head over to Logic Sunrise- I now have this new version of FBAXXX and it seems to play almost all the games I want. Seems a problem is that I am unsure of what Samurai Showdown 5 Specials .zip name is. I don't suppose anyone knows its correct name? Another question- if you figure out you have the wrong roms in your latest rip, where do you get new ones? Would you best be google searching etc?
  3. is that the same as the FBAXXX 26/04 do you know? Not sure if I have the wrong romsets or the wrong version of FBA XXX to be honest.
  4. Is there anyway to get Samurai Showdown 5 Special working on the xbox with the fatalities enabled? I would appreciate any info as to what Emulator to use etc- pm is possible?
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