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  1. my keyboard is brand new, and a logitech. I ended up just getting a gamepad.
  2. yeah but even if I sit still, it won't let me do anything. I wanna be able to switch off to my other partners but it won't let me.
  3. left trigger A X Button s A button d Right Trigger Q Y Button W B button E
  4. Ok so. I got chankast on ym suped up pc. It runs great and all. But I can't get it to read me pressing two buttons at once. I play games like marvel vs capcom 2, where this is IMPERATIVE to switch your parter or do special moves. Without that option the game is significantly harder and less fun. I checked the search, and I couldn't find this problem being solved anywhere else. I use a keyboard right now. DO I have to get a gamepad of some sort just to get this program to read me pressing two buttons at once? Thanks!
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