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  1. yes the first rom in my life was kof 99 in the neo rage it was the gate to a world of emulation; i discovered in a cd of sotware that was the begining of my passion for the emulation sorry my english i im hispanic man.......
  2. sorry but i dowload the ron 2 times and in the moment that i try to run the pakage of zip corrupted and now shous the mesage that means the rom is corrupted the first time that i try to run the game the special version of nebula recornizes the game but it not runs, wath's happening, in the second time that i try to run nebula, the rom no more exist in the lis why ?????????????? i try to unzip the rom onli to review the files but i can get acces because teh file is damaged.... help please sorry abot my english but i im hispanic man
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