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no$psx © Martin Korth

nocash PSX emulator/debugger for windows


The Program is intended to work out-of-the-box. There is no need for specific windows versions, special video drivers, obscure plug-ins, virtual CDROM drives, system BIOS, or tweaked per-game configurations.


The Emulation should be complete with all hardware features fully implemented and working, though as by now it wasn't tested with too many games, so there may be still some problems with other games (bug reports are welcome).


The BIOS is emulated via a BIOS-clone, which is free and faster than the original PSX-BIOS. There may be still some compatibilty issues (especially as most PSX games are applying patches to the original BIOS; the BIOS clone is reproducing known patches, but may fail on unknown ones). In case of problems, please use a copy of the original BIOS (with filename PSX-BIOS.ROM in no$psx folder), and please let me know if that is fixing problems with any games.


CDROMs are supported via complete disk images (in .CCD+IMG, .CDI, .CUE+BIN, .MDS+MDF, or .NRG format), via single-track images (.ISO files), or as raw executables (.EXE files). Decompressing .ECM and .CDZ files is supported. Subchannel data (for libcrypt'ed games) can be read from .SBI, .M3S, .SUB, .MDF files. Reading from real CDROM drives is also supported, but does require wnaspi32.dll (which appears to be a problem on WinNT/Win2K and higher).


Minimum Requirements are around 1-2 GHz on a Pentium 3, which is maybe fast or maybe not so fast (older PSX emulators are said to be working on 200MHz computers, on the other hand, I got told that no$psx is much faster than those old emulators... I've no clue how that is possible).


Debugging/Development functions include disassembler, debugger, profiler, code breakpoints, memory breakpoints, assembler, I/O map viewer, VRAM viewer, polygon viewer, TTY debug console window, and complete PSX hardware specs.


Pocketstation is emulated as part of no$gba v2.7 and up (the pocketstation is a PSX memory card with LCD screen; emulated in no$gba because GBA and pocketstation are both based on ARM processors).

What's New in Version 1.9


  • webpage: moved from http://nocash.emubase.de/ to http://problemkaputt.de/
  • hc05: low-level cdrom sub-cpu emulation (motorola mc68hc05 with cdrom bios)
  • hc05: setup: allows to select new low-level emu, older/faster high-level emu
  • hc05: setup: ignores hc05 low-level option if file MC68HC05.ROM is missing
  • hc05: setup: forces reset when changing between low-level and high-level emu
  • hc05: setup: prevents skipping mips-bios-intro in low-level cdrom emulation
  • hc05: cpu: emulates motorola hc05 opcodes and hc05 onchip I/O ports and timer2
  • hc05: cpu: switches between mips/hc05 (on interval and on 1F80180xh access)
  • hc05: io: emulates servo amplifier and signal processor CX(nn) commands
  • hc05: io: emulates servo/signal SENSE result (with SERIAL SENSE on new chips)
  • hc05: io: emulates decoder cmd/param/reply fifos and sector data transfers
  • hc05: io: emulates SUBQ spi bus transfers (for position and table of contents)
  • hc05: scex: simulates serial scex bitstream (when DISK,near POS0,SINGLE speed)
  • hc05: scex: simulates new subq channel "encrypted" scex signal (version vC3)
  • hc05: disc: creates SUBQ data for TOC (with point A0h,A1h,A2h,01h..NNh)
  • hc05: disc: skips nonsense track 0 (lead-in) entries in .nrg "CUES" chunks
  • hc05: sled-mech: supports sled move via FastSled and TrackJump commands
  • hc05: sled-mech: supports sled brake (with reduced kick and move voltages)
  • hc05: sled-mech: computes non-linear sector number versus sled seek distance
  • hc05: mech: simulates DOOR OPEN switch period (required to sense disc changes)
  • hc05: mech: simulates POS0 switch (required for sled reverse lead-in seeking)
  • hc05: mech: nag feature: simulates GFS=bad on spindle speed change (eg.spinup)
  • hc05: mech: nag feature: forces GFS=bad and FOK=bad when disc missing
  • hc05: audio: forwards xa-adpcm data (on adpmnt) and cd-da data (when demuted)
  • hc05: tty: logs incoming cmd/param fifo and outgoing irq/reply fifo transfers
  • hc05: tty: logs CX(nn) commands (with description on known command/params)
  • hc05: tty: logs most recent MM:SS:FF alongsides with CX(nn) commands
  • hc05: bios: cdrom-image-loader treats 16.5K ".ROM" files as cdrom bios-images
  • hc05: bios: autodetects chipset and oscillator (via CXDnnnn strings in BIOS)
  • hc05: debug: supports f6-key set pc, f4-key break, f7-key trace
  • hc05: debug: ctrl+t toggle between MIPS and HC05 debug view (if low level on)
  • hc05: debug: optional bad I/O warnings (with CODE window moved to fault addr)
  • hc05: debug: integrated low-level mode in debugger (re_read_io, vac, iomap)
  • hc05: snapshots: saves hc05 registers and memory and low-level/chipset type
  • hc05: help: added summary of used CX(nn) values for vC1,vC2,vC3 versions
  • hc05: help: add notes on sled motor control methods (move, brake, nonlinear)
  • hc05: help: add info on vC3 specials (TzcOut, NewScex, CX(nn0000)-padding)
  • hc05: help: add info on oscillator clocks, and openbus-reading effects
  • hc05: help: add motorola bootstrap info and cdrom bios dumping info/link
  • cdrom: doesn't set stat.read/play bits until seek completion (gran turismo 1)
  • cdrom: slightly more accurate setloc (kept pending after seek_l/seek_p)
  • cdrom: computes average time per seek distance (faster than real hw though)
  • help: added note on DTL-H2000 using a Sony SPC700 sub-cpu (not Motorola HC05)
  • setup: allows to select 0,1,2,or 8 memcards (workaround for problem in "One")
  • debug: optional MIPS and HC05 tracelog function in TTY window (as in no$sns)
  • debug: new TTY buffer size option (1/10/100MB limit, with optional stop/wrap)
  • debug: resolves ASCII datazones and a0h/b0h/c0h jump lists for DTL-H2000 bios
  • tty: added "tty_force_newline" at begin of auto-generated (non-user) lines
  • cdrom: always uses low-level sector buffer (removed high-level buffer relicts)
  • help: added info on DTL-H2000 memory and atcons/dip/led/etc I/O ports
  • help: added 176-pin CXD2941R pinouts (SPU+CDROM+SPU_RAM on PM-41(2) boards)
  • help: notes on missing cdrom commands in vC0 (1Dh+1Eh+5xh + 19h,22h..25h/7xh)
  • help: fixed apu min/max typos, and cpu j/jal F0000000 typo (thanks mitikoro)
  • help: note on cache/cop0 info in LR3330/L64360 datasheets (thanks LostTemplar)
  • a22i: added ".pack_crc32 result,initial" directive (use with ".pack_org")
  • a22i: added ".pack_chksum_xor8bit result" and ".pack_chksum_add8bit result"
  • snapshot: bugfix: removed duplicated "SECT" chunk name (cdrom sector buffer)
  • help: added new "PSX Dev-Board Chipsets" chapter (for DTL-Hnnnn boards, etc)
  • debug: fixed tty bios patch for cex-1000 (opcode 0FF019CDh instead 0FF019E1h)
  • bios: gui doesn't mute cd-audio (eg. required for games like wipeout 2097)
  • bios: recognizes GetID result for unlicensed mode2 disks WITH audio tracks
  • debug: allows editing values in REGS window (alternately rx=nn in CODE window)
  • bios clone: sends secret unlock commands (works/tested: boots without modchip)
  • a22i: added mc68hc05 assembler (for testing/re-assembling cdrom sub-cpu bios)
  • a22i: resurrected nocash-syntax in online assembler (if disass in nocash mode)
  • help: hardware numbers: added sony's DTL-Hxxxx developer tool hardware numbers
  • gpu/dma2: pre-checks linked-list size (and abort/warn if endless-link-chain)
  • spu: supports multi-block manual ram write (repeated spucnt=C010h; bios intro)
  • spu/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (gex,finalfantasy9,tokimekimemorial2)
  • cdrom/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (though rarely needed in practice)
  • emu: emulates dirt effects on 8bit/16bit/32bit writes to various I/O ports
  • help: added details on multi-block manual spu ram writes, and on spu ram addr
  • help: extra note on I_STAT bits being edge triggered (was already mentioned)
  • help: unpredictable things: added details on 8bit/16bit/32bit write effects
  • help: memctrl correction: 1F801020h.16-17 and FFFE0130h.8,11-31 are fully R/W
  • spu: ignores writes to "read-only" registers (SPUSTAT and ENDX voice flags)

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