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Life, man, whats it all about.



Man, I havent done shyt. Well yeah I have, lets see, I got my financial aid money and ened buy my car a new exhaust, new rotars and brake pads, all 4 shocks replaced...um...bout it for that, I would say that adds up to...lets see $313 for the exhaust, $173 for the brakes and rotars, $194 for the shocks, so in total 680 on my car this month. Oh yeah and I got it a tune up, well just the spark plugs and wiring, and a radiator flush, but I'll count that as last months bill, and car payment, but whatever. Oh yeah, my damn dog got sick. I dont even wanna call him my dog. I paid like $160 at the vet cuz he got that palovz virus or whatever for medication and then my g/f took him again for another check up and like spent $80 for some more shyt, and like now he needs like his vacines, which would have resolved all of this from the beginning but I didnt wanna give my g/f any money cuz like come on, look at all the stuff I've already spent, thats like $1000, and like im like working almost full time and going to college so like money doesnt always come that easy.


On another note. Man, the hosteses at work are f#%#king hot and not legal. lol. I got like one of them on myspace, she's like originally from south america, el savador I think, and she's like naturally tan, or dark or whatever, and on halloween she dressed like a "sluty substitue teacher" which I think is bs, she just looked like some puck girl with converse on, but her legs were smoking. Thats just one of the girls, there's another one too, her skin is more light complected but she chest is banging, and he booty is nice too, she's got more of a package than the first girl but she's a bit more "party girl".


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