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Hell Judge: D4C Triple Killer



The witch the wild west has never seen!


Hell Judge “The Técnicos”:


The Blue Gunner!

Name: Aoi, Theresa “Aoko”

Race: Human, Witch

From: Dragon Gate, Fuji

Occupation: Fortune teller, Pastry Chef EXTREME

Likes: Perfume, snacks, cake, cats, Twiggy stroking her ego, yaoi, yuri, Amagami, the color pink

Dislikes: Her brother's stupidity, Twiggy's creepy mask, rude people, people who call her small, people touching her figurines collection


-Her three sizes are 85/57/82, weight is a secret, height is 5'7”.

-Her brother is Mago the Quick Shot.

-Her gun's name is “Perfume”.

-Her gun has three transformations: Game, Triangle, ~Complete Best~.


The Técnico Trance of the Melee Combat!

Name: Twiggy: El Luchador del Mago (Real name unknown)

Race: Human, he's definitely human. He has to be human. NO HUMAN CAN DO THAT!

From: Not Mexico. No really, not Mexico.

Occupation: Luchador, killer, supernatural expert, [whatever region they are in] Chef, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, Music References, alcoholic.

Likes: His mask, Perfume, steel chairs, cooking, Tuesdays, Theresa's hair, Al & Twiggy's House of Ribs and Chinese Food (Now in Minnesota!), MAD IDEAS, Nocchi, maids

Dislikes: People seeing his face, OpenTTD, people dissing his mask, people dissing his mask AND his outfit AND his cooking, rudos, some dude Fool in California.


-Wears a skeleton suit with a hood.

-Wears a skeleton face mask.

-Kinshin sleeps.

-Trance is his fighting style. Making his nails like claws.

-Also uses wrestling moves.

-Finishing Moves (Shining Wizard, Shooting Star Press, Crippler Cross Face, TWIGGY EXTRA! (which is a Moonsault Frankensteiner reversal into a Brainbuster), The Doomsday Device with Mago, Somersault Drop Kick Blue Blast with Theresa)

-His gun is named “Nocchi”.


The Quickest Draw! Now without using magic!

Name: Aoi, Mago

Race: Human, Witch

From: Dragon Gate, Fuji

Occupation: Shoe thrower, musical producer, life ruiner

Likes: Kashiyuka, A~Chan, throwing shoes at Twiggy, Theresa's cakes, Twiggy's cooking, CRAZY IDEAS, maids, pink, NEE!

Dislikes: When Twiggy protects Theresa instead, when Twiggy doesn't cook for him, when Twiggy doesn't protect him in general, when Theresa beats him up, when Theresa and Twiggy beat him up, when Twiggy dropkicks him, when Twiggy throws arcade sticks at him, when Theresa takes his stuff, bad food, poorly cooked food, leftovers.


-His two guns are named Kashiyuka and A~Chan.

-Brother to Theresa the Blue Gunner.

-Thinks up of wacky plans... that work for some reason beyond comprehension.

-His magic isn't as good as his younger sister's.


-Is Doraemon.

-But doesn't have a mini-helicopter blade on his head :peopleseybrow:

-But he can get a TV!


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