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Falling Down The Cataclysm EP Preview




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Only 2 CD-R copies of [RE:MEMBER] exist, both burned onto a 29 minute CD-R. I have both copies. This is a preview of my up coming EP, "Falling Down The Cataclysm". The EP is set to be released, eventually. I have a few rough draft songs to finish before releasing it. This is post rock, all past material I've recorded that sounded anything like music is on the back shelf for my band/never to be released. Enjoy!



01 Cataclysm

02 Faustifesto


Artwork is whatever you want it too be.


No keyboards or synthesizers were used in the making of this.



Ian Oli - (everything) Guitars, Vocals, Programming, Sampling, Mixing, Engineering, Production, Mastering


Telephone ringing courtesy of Bobo.



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