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No Ting Tings, Yes Lousy Mexican Food



Ultimately denied. Me and friend arrived in Jacksonville, Fl. We were both hungry so we decided to eat at our favorite pizza restuarant. As we walked to the general area we both got pissed as the business is no longer there and the windows were litered with For Rent signs. So we ate at this "new" Mexican restuarant next to it. We got some waiter that couldn't even speak normal gibberish. I swore he kept asking me if I wanted a penny. The food sucked major ass. No taste to it all. Then we stood in a long ass line just to pay. Walked back to Jack Rabbits. Pulled out our IDs and the door guy asked us for tickets. We both knew something was awry. The show was sold out and packed like sardines. Disappointed that we drove all this way to just eat at a Mexican restuarant, we chuckled and said that that sucks and wen't back home. Almost get to see a show in a year of absence and get denied. What blew us off was that we've never been asked for tickets and never has a show there been sold out or packed despite being a small venue. Guess The Ting Tings are actually that quite popular than we imagined. Course it doesn't help living in Savannah, Ga. where everyone has horrible taste in music and never heard of what you listen to.


God dammit.

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HAHA! Ting Tings? Yeah their pretty big here in Southern California man!Sucks about the Mexican place, I would probably kill myself if my favorite Mexican place closed down, flocking love Mexican food!

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