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L4D Campaigns: Hope to use Hammer for this! Ed



Title: "The Well and The Lighthouse"

Slogan: "Only the moon was shining back."

Synopsis: Get from the tunnels to the lighthouse to active the light for rescue to arrive!


Map set: Tunnel, a bridge and a small village.


Stage 1: Tunnels


Survivors start off in a blocked off tunnel, make their way into the through the service tunnel system to get to bridges


Stage 2: Bad Vibrations


Survivors exit out of the service tunnel and into the open. With only a bridge to trek until they reach the small town.


Stage 3: Neighborhood #2


Survivors must traverse this destroy neighborhood of the village to activate the radio tower and to get to the safe house.


Stage 4: Neighborhood #3


Survivors must find their way through the final end of the village to turn on the power before they can head to the light house. Find a way to reroute the power then hit the breakers!


Finale: The power is on, all that's left is to make their way to the lighthouse complex on the cliff side! Activate the beacon and hold out until rescue arrives!


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