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Danzig's Freak Out (aka A Grande Night of Metal)




The Blackest Ov The Black tour came to The Rave here in Milwaukee last night. I knew it was gonna be a good night when I took a big bag of pocket change I'd accumulated over a year or two to the bank and discovered it was worth $24, thus paying for my ticket to the concert.


First up: Winds of Plague - Generic deathcore. Move along, nothing to see here.


Next was Moonspell - Pretty decent black/doom metal. Guitars and drums sounded awesome, but the vocalist could use a little work.


No show: Skeletonwitch - This sucked. I was kinda looking forward to seeing a trve black metal band, but their set magically disappeared...


What I came to see: Dimmu Borgir - Always a crowd pleaser, even with two substitutes (1 guitarist and the drummer). Great set, full of awesome songs. Unfortunately, even with The Rave's new 'no moshing' rule (which I don't see working... ever), a pit opened up right around be, causing me to get slightly banged up and my girlfriend to break a nail punching some dude in the face... Damn, she's awesome <3


Finally: Danzig - I only stayed for one and a half songs, but I got to see Glenn Danzig freak out at a stage crew dude... During his first song, it looked like Danzig's mic cord kept getting caught or tangled on some equipment, so when the song ended a fat ol' stage crew dude ran out to try to untangle it. The next song started while he was still on stage, though, and in his effort to quickly waddle away, he unplugged Danzig's mic. After he fumbled around with the cord for a bit but failed to reconnect the mic, I saw Danzig turn toward the sound guy with his mouth clamped in a tight frown, shake his head, turn, and hurl the mic at the stage crew dude. God I hope that gets on youtube...


After the show, grabbed a hot dog from a nearby stand and headed home. Great night.



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