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So I Saw Radiohead again...



Outdoors? Check. Light showers? Check. Muddy field? Check. Extra Memory Stick? Nada. Capturing 45 minutes of the set? Check. Fireworks? Check. All these and more!


They played tons of my old favorites all while including practically all of In Rainbows into the setlist. My cam went out during Fake Plastic Trees, which pisses me off, because I wanted to get LSP, Optimistic and a nice mad version of Idioteque. I couldn't see at times because people are tall, and I hate tall people. While nothing new was played, they did make it a really good setlist in terms of order. The Gloaming after Arpeggi was a complete surprise to me and my highlight would be National Anthem, Fake Plastic and Reckoner getting a fireworks display. Best song of the night, would of probably either be Karma or PA. Both had everyone singing line for line.



01. 15 Step

02. There There (Thom “Sorry about the rain it follows us around”)

03. Morning Bell

04. All I Need

05. My Iron Lung

06. Nude

07. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

08. The Gloaming

09. The National Anthem (Fireworks going off at nearby festival)

10. Fake Plastic Trees

11. Reckoner

12. Like Spinning Plates

13. Jigsaw Falling into Place (Thom :If you’re feeling cold you can always grab someone next to you. Then Phil went to hug Colin)

14. Lucky

15. Optimistic

16. Idioteque

17. Bodysnatchers


Encore 1

18. Faust Arp (Thom fucks up because of the fireworks display in the background)

19. Videotape (Thom: “”There’s always money for fireworks, the least they could do is put them at the fucking end”)

20. Paranoid Android

21. Bangers and Mash

22. Karma Police (with amazing ending)


Encore 2

23. House of Cards

24. You And Whose Army?

25. Everything In Its Right Place



Now we waited. One of em grabbed me a beer and nestea (good shit).


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