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SvC: Battle Poetry

Sybarite Paladin AxL



This topic details the gameplay mechanics to a MUGEN project of mine called SvC: Battle Poetry.


This game will once again pit SNK characters against Capcom characters in a battle for survival.

The roster is as follows:



*Kyo Kusanagi

*Benimaru Nikaido

*Shingo Yabuki

*Terry Bogard

*Andy Bogard

*Joe Higashi


*Rugal Bernstein

*Adelheid Bernstein




*Ken Masters





*Satsui no Hadou ni mezameta Ryu

*Violent Ken

*Sakura Kasugano


Note: keep in mind the roster is not finished and will be updated from time to time


Gameplay mechanics:

*Button layout = low punch, high punch, low kick, high kick, knockdown blow, evasion

*Start button, start+left, start+right = taunts

*Start+down = Energy Siphon. Charges your Energy Focus


*Evasion/evasion+left or evasion+right = stationary dodge/roll left or right

*Air blocking

*Throws = HP/HK+left/right

*Running = all characters run, no forward hopping

*Jumping = small jumping, regular jumping, high jumping and double jumping are all present. Some characters can wall jump too. Small jumping and regular jumping and go into another jump if you did not attack. High jumps and wall jumps can't.


*Style Basics = normal punches and kicks, as well as throws, and normal specials.

*Style Techniques = special moves. Command throws count as special moves too.

*Style Arts = super moves. Consume 1 Energy Focus.

*Hidden Style Arts = greater super moves. Consume 2 Energy Foci.

*Forbidden Style Art = the most powerful move available to the character. Consumes 2 Energy Foci and 3 Mind Foci. In addition, it cannot be Art Flowed into.


*Energy Focus = your standard power bar. Can be charged. 3 levels. Charges by performing Style Techniques or hitting your opponent with Style Basics or Style Techniques, even if he/she blocks.

*Mind Focus = your skill stocks. Used for Style Flows, Retaliation and recharging your Defense Focus. 5 levels. Charges by blocking, being hit and over time. Charges faster when you have low life.

*Defense Focus = your standard block damage meter. If you take too much damage, you will be unable to block for a period of time. Can be forcibly recharged using 2 Mind Foci.


*Style Flow = can cancel some Style Techniques into other Style Techniques. Costs 1 Mind Focus.

*Art Flow = can cancel some Style Techniques into Style Arts. Costs 1 Mind Focus and 1 Energy Focus for Style Arts and 2 Mind Foci and 1 Energy Focus for Hidden Style Arts.

*Focused Retaliation = performed by pressing Knockdown Blow when blocking. Costs 1 Mind Focus.

*Focused Retreat = performed by pressing Evasion quickly after an attack. Costs 1 Mind Focus.

*Focused Escape = performed by pressing Evasion while blocking. Costs 1 Mind Focus.


That's about it for now.



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