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Sybarite Paladin AxL



Location: dorm room, Cambridge, UK

State: mellow-jazzy

Description: it's that state when you're staring at the abyss and you got your acoustic guitar with you and you play some random chill out riffs in a smoked up maryhaze

Outside conditions: chilly and it's raining :)


Not saying anything,

Get ready, I'm not saying anything,

Get ready...

You know very well what I'm gonna say:

Not saying anything.


Don't know anything,

Maybe I already know too much...

Maybe I already learned how to listen,

But I'm not saying anything,

Because I don't know anything.


Not feeling anything,

I've prepared myself.

Not feeling anything,

I'm prepared.

I'm prepared for the Grand Nothing,

For the Grand Nothing...


Not saying anything, get ready!

Get ready, for the Grand Nothing,

Not saying anything, get ready for the Grand Nothing!

Not saying anything.





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