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Ambitious Project: Capcom Fighting Jam+ (Part 4)





Character Changes



Street Fighter III



Ryu in SFIII is pretty good. AKA Pretty Decent. So some minor adjustments.


Persuit: D + K

It's pretty much a his standing LK animation.


Shakuntsu Hadoken: HCF + P

His red Hadoken has now adopated similar properties to Gou Hadoken. Such as a short pose then the move comes out. Only difference is in speed, recovery time and that the HP version hits twice.


Sakotsu Wari: F + MP

Comes out faster.


(EX) Hadoken: QCF + P

All hadoken speeds have been adjusted to be some what slower then it's 3s counter parts. EX Version still hits twice and comes out faster as well as knocking down.


(EX) Joudan Sokotou Geri: QCF + K

Some minor adjustments. LK version is now safe on block and still has the shortest range. EX version can cause a screen bounce for an additional hit and comes out much more faster.


Shinku Hadoken: QCF, QCF + P

Speed adjustment so it comes out a tad bit slower.


Shin Shoryuken: QCF, QCF + K

Changed commands, still has 3s properties.


Denjin Hadoken: HCB, HCF + P Hold P to Charge

Changed commands. Still unblockable. Changed to Super Art MAX.



Ibuki went from godlike (NG/2I) too just ugh (3s). While she's around Mid-Tier, she alot of her properties that made her a top tier character. Some of the changes I embrace, because there was alot of things that made her broken in 2I. What's in, what's out and what's changed?


Air Throw: LK + LP In the air

Reduced to 12 frames from 15 frames.


Oiura Ken: REMOVED

Really useless.


Ura Maki Geri: B + MK

Cancelable into Tsumuji and Kasumi Gake now.


Tsuiji Goe: REMOVED

I hate this move. Alot, it's not the most useful thing in Ibuki's arsenal and has alot of limited uses.


Kasumi Gake: QCF + K

Some property changes. It's safe to use to pass through projectiles (and certain supers) and it doesn't count as Ibuki crouching when she gets hit. Strength of the kick determines how far she travels and the stronger the kick, the lesser of the invincibilty frames last.


(EX) Kunai: In the air QCF + P

A little speed increase and cannot be knocked out of the air anymore. It also can be used as a Persuit. Making Ibuki one of the characters in the game without a normal Persuit. Her persuit is also EXable.


(EX) Hien: B, D, DB + K (Reverse Dragon Punch motion)

A little speed increase and if they are caught up in the air, it turns into an air throw.


(EX) Tsumugi: QCB + K

A little speed increase and stun increase.


Radia: HCB + P

Comes out faster and is an unblockable command throw. Increased damage and stun.


(EX) Kazekiri: F, D, FD + K

In 3s, this is was one of the best wake up moves in the game, right up there with Shoryuken. Still keeping it's integraity. One of the best wake ups in this game, hopefully. Increased the speed of the EX version, slowed down the HK version.


Kasumi Suzaku: In the air QCF, QCF + P

It has similar SFIII properties, and still does the same amount of chip damage. Increased stun factor and still hits for 18 hits. Interesting note that it can be used as a persuit as well.


(EX) Yami Shigure: HCB, F + P

Her SFIII:3s SA3 super. EX version has homing properties and comes out faster and deals more stun damage at the expense of much lesser damage


Hashin Shou: QCF, QCF + K

Her SFIII:NG and 2nd Impact super. Startup has changed to begin with a knee hit at close range or her standing LK then forearm hit, similar too Chun-Li's Houyoku Sen. It's stun and damage have been toned down greatly. Interesting note is that it's ender knocks them straight upward then daigonally and can be SJCed into 2 additional hits (Her J.HP->F+MK air chain), F + HK / B + HK normal as a follow up (1 hit) or an MK Kazekiri for an additional 2 hits.


Yoroi Doushi: QCF, QCF + P

The armor pericer! It is also unblockable at close range as it is a command throw, but out of throw range it becomes a huge red ball. Damage increased a bit on that, moving it towards an alternate usage as chip damage. This is her Super Art Max.



Elena is around mid tier in 3s now. But overall, she'd just need some damage increasing on a few of her moves. Healing has been removed though.


Persuit: U + K

It's her Mallet Smash animation



Well, with Dudley, his wake up game put FEAR into players. As it is very, very good. So some changes.


(EX) Pursuit: Thunderbolt: QCB + K

See bottom


Dart Shot: F + HK

Slowed down a bit.


(EX) Thunderbolt: QCB + K

From Second Impact, Dudley had a move which was basically a diving Jet Upper. EX version had homing properties. This move is back and also doubles as his Pursuit. EX version has homing properties


That's the end of the SFIII characers. Not alot of changes, but there will be bound to more changes if this project actually got started. I would adjust more accordingly.


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