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A Crossing of Fates

Fatal Rose


"Why the flock am I in Canada? Of all places I have to be here."


The dark figure, hints of platinum striping his fine hair, downs one more shot of Bacardi. He wonders as to the young man’s motives – concerns that tug at his deliberate composure. Another shot later, he reviews the evidence on his PDA.


"What the flock is he doing here? Who does he work for? Are they exchanging info? Looks like

they are talking in code, flock I think they both made me! DAMN IT – It took me too long to get this far!!"

Drawing the gun inconspicuously concealed in his trench coat, he gets up, pocketing his expensive toy at the same time.


"I have to make my move soon- this little Chinese flocker is dead!"




"So how often do you come here? To be honest with you this has to be one of my favorite places to go hang out." Disoblige keeps it cool. The mysteriously lady smiles.


"Not often to be honest. Must be pretty boring in America if you think anything of this place. I’m somewhat more accustomed to travel." Her last sentence startles the Chinaman.


"How did you know I'm from America?" His companion chuckles.


"Well it's pretty obvious, and as I just said silly, I travel a lot."


"Ah yes, sorry. Oh wait! I'm sorry for taking forever to ask but... well, what's your name?" Diso tries his best to muster the courage to ask. Although he tries to keep an even note, his lack of confidence is plain to see.


"Bambi," she replies curtly.


"I'm sorry what?"


"Bambi, my name is Bambi sweetie." Her straight face twists into another cheeky smile, which turns Diso’s face as red as a prime lobster. He looks away.


"So what do you do for a living Bambi?" Picking up his drink, he skulls it if only to avoid her gaze.


"Oh my GOD! How can you drink like that??”


"Get used to it, I suppose. Judging from your show back there, I thought you and the bar would be quite familiar..."


"Umm.. Yeah, sorry.” Now Bambi avoids his gaze. “I was just caught off guard. Bartender?"


"How can I help you sir?"


"Another round of the same please."


"Coming right up."


The Chinese man, sensing his companion’s temporary spot of vulnerability, jumps in with a question. "Looks like you need to catch up Bambi- you’re already behind two drinks and two more are on the way. Heh."


"Don't worry about me, just keep the drinks coming... and the good conversation too." Diso instantly thinks to himself – ‘Oh crap... She said good conversation.. hope my stomach can handle the drinks... holy flock that drink tasted like crap... nearly burned a hole in my chest... I’m not going to last much longer... my wallet can’t take too much more of a beating either...’


"I will keep them coming as long as you stay beautiful." Diso winks. Bambi starts to giggle. ‘Wow, she bought that? Why the hell did I just do something so retarded... I’m not tipsy already am I...’


The bartender returns and Diso immediately starts chugging. Before either of them knew it the

glass was empty. Diso notices his companion- she had just finished her first drink and was barely getting started on the second. "Wow, you drink pretty fast... you must be used to this mustn’t you?"


"I’m an old pro." She notices the incredulous expression on her new friend’s face and so he quickly adds; “At CS. I drink and play CounterStrike.” He immediately feels a sharp sense of dread ‘Why the hell did I bring up CounterStrike?? And in front of a chick???’


"Wow you play Counterstrike- do you know how to handle a gun?"


"Another round please!!” He stops.. ‘Wait..’ ..and looks back up. “No I don't, but I do know how to handle myself. I'm a martial artist after all."


"Oh really? You don't seem like the type."


"That's what everyone thinks. So do you handle guns? Can you handle yourself?" ‘Wow and the award for most sleazy thing ever goes to... DING... Disoblige!’


"I know a thing or two" Bambi winks. Diso words begin to blush again. The bartender brings over two

more drinks, which end up down his hatch in seconds. He falls off his chair reaching for the glass.


"Okay I think that is enough for you." The bartender leaves the check with Diso.


"Holy crap man, this is expensive as flock!"


"Thought you ordered these drinks all the time?”


"Well…Yeah..but..you know like..hehe." Now he’s as red as a sunburnt ass.










"HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAH. Never thought I'd see the day, Diso is drunk off his ass over some chick."


"Yeah for real Shoma, this is just shocking. Well we better go bail him out before he gets out of hand, you know he is about to throw up at any second."


"Wait guys. If we go up there now we might miss out on something hilarious. Besides, at least this

proves he is not gay. Guess we can't tease him about that anymore."


"Why the flock is that old suspicious-as-flock guy doing over there? He’s totally eyeing off Diso and that chick."


"Yeah I see him now K, holy crap he’s packing a gun!”


"Aw flock man, lets get this old flocker now!"


"Wait Shoma, he’s got a gun. We gotta to be smart about this…." The three guys get up.




Diso is completely trashed. "Sooo… Yeahh…! Pick ANYONE in this place besides my buddies- I don't fight friends. ANYONE AT ALL!! I bet you I can kick their ass easily! Bring that flake of a bellboy over here. I’ll show him who’s boss!!" Bambi’s attention is focused elsewhere however...


"Is that right?" The deep voice comes from behind the drunken Chinaman.


"Umm.. Who the flock said that?"


Bambi replies solemnly; "There is a man behind you." Diso follows her cue.


"Don't move motherflocker! You’ll be dead five times before you hit the ground. Do you know who I am?”


Meanwhile across the room...


"flock! crap man what do we do?"


"HE HAS A GUN!" K'dash screams this as loud as he can. The room breaks out in a panic. This distracts the trenched figure just long enough for the drunken Disoblige to deliver a side kick to his assailant’s face. His nose shattered, and blood and broken glass go everywhere as he falls over a table on his way to the ground. Grunting, he blind fires two shots, neither of which find home.


The flood of people out the door cuts off Diso from his friends. At the same time the main, while wiping the blood from his eyes, is trampled by the torrent of feet. His gun is kicked away from him.


Diso looks around and Bambi is nowhere to be found. Noticing his assailant slowing recovering, he

picks up a bar stool and hides behind the counter. The man rises to his feet, with a look of fury about him. In spite of this, he staggers, and Diso sees his chance. Emerging from his refuge he uses all his strength to hurl the stool at his impaired foe, the force of the blow sending him to the ground. Although victorious, Diso’s night of drinking catches up with him- he vomits all over the otherwise pristine countertop.


The man is virtually unconscious, the sinister figure is not down yet. His cell vibrates and in spite of obvious agony, he answers it.


"Jitway, I await your report on the situation. What's taking so long?"


‘As the man tries to stand again, Diso flees through the back door.


Meanwhile K, Shoma, and Axl have found themselves stuck fighting through the mob, now in the midst of a grand brawl, with them smack in the middle! Axl was the only one able to notice this ‘Jitway’ pursuing Diso out the back door. The police arrive and yet seem only to fan the flames. Axl delivers a right uppercut to his opponent, sends him reeling and out of his way for a moment. Jitway’s gun is still on the floor, and Axl cannot believe no one has noticed it. He dives for it- only to have an officer cross his path.


"Sir step outside now!" Under virtually any other circumstance Axl would kindly oblige, but he is pressed for time and he can't leave his friend out there to die. "I said STEP OUTSIDE NOW!!” The officer is quite adamant at this point. Axl calmly raises his hands and begins to slightly turn his back thenall of the sudden he spins back towards the officer and grasps the officer’s hands around the gun with his left and delivers a straight

right punch to the chin of the officer. He then steps inward more and lands a crushing elbow strike to his jaw. Now both hands are around the officer’s holding the gun, he then slams them into his right knee, a shot is fired, and he can feel the officers grip loosening. He then slams the back of his head into the officer’s, breaking his arm in the motion. Disarmed and immobilized, Axl leaves him in a heap on the ground..


Diso is trying to pull himself together- trying to make it down the long, dark alleyway. He stumbles and throws up again. "Rahhhhhh!!!" Jitway screams this as he aggressively tackles Diso to the floor, they

both land on solid pavement with Jitway landing on top. Rolling into a stack of garbage bags, the stench is rank. Jitway realizing he is unarmed locks his hands around his opponent’s neck and begins to choke the life

out him. As the much larger man, weighing over 100 pounds, Jitway has the advantage. Diso’s consciousness fades rapidly. With his last ounce of strength he plants his thumbs in the dark figure’s eyesockets and presses hard. Jitway roars with pain and after a few moments of endurance falls off his victim, who struggles to catch his breath.




Diso stands, trying to align his blurred vision. No one is around him. His attacker has apparently vanished. Still on one knee, he lowers his head in a sigh of relief. All of the sudden something powerful grabs

him from behind and drives him into the pavement. Jitway rolls the barely-alive Disoblige onto his back and presses an enormous blade to his neck.


"Ok asshole, what the flock did the biatch tell you?" One of his hands covers his eye and each of his words is tinged with rage. Diso can barely speak. Jitway pressed the knife hard. A small pulse of blood rolls escapes.


"TELL ME!!!"


"..sshee…likesss….toooo…..travel..ugh…" His voice is extremely faint.


“You die tonight if I don’t get an answer. But not just you. Your mother will be next. And your baby sister. Oh and don’t think for a second I don’t know about your cousin Randall!” This threat sobers Diso up right-quick.


"I don't know what the flock you are talking about, I swear to God!

please man let me go, I don't know who you are or what the hell you

want with me."


"You’re no flocking actor kid! I’m your saviour right now. Tell me what I want to know and I might just let your friends live! How about that? Your sister’s another case though- you’d better hope she doesn’t give me that look!” Diso moans in protest. “But don’t worry, I’ll be nice and gentle. I know how to treat little girls-"




A shot is fired. Diso closes his eyes.




Another shot is fired. Diso opens his eyes, not knowing what to expect. He looks up and is shocked to see Axl holding two guns, standing above his assailant.


"You killed him."


"No crap." Diso is still catching his breath.


"Axl, thank you but... what the flock took you guys so long???"


"Sorry Diso- you don’t want to know what we went through tonight... I just can’t believe I’ve killed someone...” Axl’s expression darkens. Shoma and K rush out of the emergency exit exhausted and a bit beat up.


"What the hell happened guys?”


"Holy crap Shoma is what happened, he's dead.." The look on Axl and Diso’s faces tells them to drop it. They hoist Diso onto their shoulders and are about to leave when something catches his eye.


“BAMBI!” He lowers himself from them and rushes over to confront her. Her guilty look is directed to the ground.


“Man we gotta get the flock outta here- we just killed someone!” Diso ignores K’s impatience.


"Who the flock are you, why did this happen?" Bambi does not respond, remaining speechless… "SOMEONE TRIED TO flockING KILL ME BECAUSE I WAS TALKING TO YOU, NOW HE IS flockING DEAD, AND YOU DON'T HAVE crap TO SAY! flockING ANSWER ME!!!" She again says nothing.


"Come on Diso, now is not the time, we have to go." As K and Axl drag their Chinese friend away, all he can do is glare at the woman and wonder how things tonight got so flocked up. Little did he know how much worse things would soon become...




Meanwhile... somewhere in the Pacific...


A tall, broad-shouldered man in very elaborate, seemingly-military attire steps into the moonlight. His face is without emotion, or humanity and bears the scars of many battles. The room in which he stands is circular, angled toward a gothic roof the ornate design of which is almost completely obscured by darkness. In fact, apart from the small shallow of light cast by a large window in the room’s aft, all the elaborate Elizabethan furnishings of the regal chamber are concealed by the dead of night.


“Boss, our agent Jitway has failed.” His tone is utterly respectful and his response comes from the depths of the darkness.


“I see. Your report, General.” The already intimidating voice is amplified tenfold harmonics of the room.


“He had tracked the target through the upper United States, ultimately crossing paths with her in Canada. Tonight he confronted her at a small bar in Montreal.”




“Apparently a group of kids intervened.” The words form hard for the General.




“Yes, sir. One in particular, actually. A skilled martial artist... goes by the name ‘Disoblige’.”


“Fascinating. What of our target, Bambi?”


“Unknown. Shots were fired at the club and she apparently escaped during the ruckus that followed. We have agents in the area on her trail now. Rest assured, boss- she will not leave Montreal alive.” His tone is as determined as his ridged countenance.


“So she must not. This trifling little mouse must not meet up with the other agents... there is too much at stake. She must be silenced. I know what pains this one has caused your operations in that continent already, General LSD.”


“What are your orders, Sir?”


“It is time she learned not to cross us. It’s time she learned what it means to wish for death. It is time, General... time to unleash... Brad...”


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