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The Final Fantasy Retrospective DVD Ed. 1



Grab the torrent from here. Yes this is completely legit.


This is The Final Fantasy Retrospective from Gametrailers.com ( http://www.gametrailers.com/game/4831.html ).

Contains parts 1 through 8 and clocks in at very informal 1 Hr and 45~Min.


Compiled on 2007/09/20. I'll compile the last few parts onto DVD once their released.


No Menus.

Chaptered by game.




1. Final Fantasy I

2. Final Fantasy II

3. Final Fantasy III

4. Final Fantasy IV

5. Final Fantasy V

6. Final Fantasy VI

7. Final Fantasy VII

8. Final Fantasy VIII

9. Final Fantasy IX

10. Final Fantasy X

11. Final Fantasy X-2

12. Final Fantasy XI


Don't sell. Spread it around and show people the history of Final Fantasy.

How many gamers these days can say that they've played, let alone BEATEN every Final Fantasy game?

Not me, I can't even try. I'm missing FF2.



compiled by kwizzeh, don't sell this.




Includes MD5 checksum just in case you want to run that to see if all the files are 100%


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