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My Haul



Sweet... Christmas morning and I already got some great gifts. And I still have 2 more houses to go to! Thus, I am going to be gone till the 28th, when I shall post the rest of my loot. Here's what I got:

Asked for:

The Movies: Stunts and Effects Expansion

Guild Wars: Nightfall

Visual Quickstart Guide: HTML, XHTML, and CSS

Visual Quickstart Guide: JavaScript and AJAX

"The Cheat" hooded sweatshirt

"Strong Bad Sings" CD

Action Replay DS

Windows 95/98 BSoD T-shirt


Did not ask for (But still like):

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Life, the Universe, and Everything

2 Pocket Japanese and English Dictionaries


Going to buy with Monehs:

Final Fantasy III

Half Life 2: GOTY Edition

Scythe Aluminum HDD Cooling Fan/Heatsink


Hope everyone else gets what they want!

Merry Christmas! :thumbsup1:


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