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RE: Writer




The project finally get off the ground. Summery is done, first 6 chapters are done. Now were going threw the character design process. And a name is needed... But just because, here are the first 6 chapter titles.


Chapter 1 - Stadium Arcanium

Chapter 2 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Chapter 3 - Division Bell

Chapter 4 - These Days

Chapter 5 - Luno

Chapter 6 - 7 Kettles


Need an editor also... Crap. I have to write at least 65 pages worth of material for Part 1 (Maybe it should be called Ace of Swords or something after the Minor Arcane or maybe just plainly Phase 1).


With band duties on hold until january this is going to take up my time, mostly. Also I hope people get the references :thumbsup1:


Till next time niggaz



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