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Arcadia Day 2 (I skipped 1)




Ok, huge crowd. Boat loads of people enough to make a new small nation. Several exhibits I went too. Excuse some ramblings I am a little drunk.


Caught buses. metros, bitched at rain.


OK so am at stade uniprex and boy is it a pretty nice plce.


Being cold and wanted to warm up, decided to hit up Pepsi playground just to chill and watch what's on the cina displays. Caught up with the last 40 minutes of MORTAL KOMBAT I (HAHA) and decided to head back there at 7 to catch Silent Hill.


wanted to catch a siminar but alas, didn't. No idea WHERE to friking go.


went to ubizone and tried out red steel. Wow did I have fun. like previous previews of it, they fixed alot of stuff since reading the reports from E3. For one, i do love the controls. Blocking with the wiimote for the sword and aiming with it for shooting (the trigger undearneth the mote to shoot) is really fun. But it does getting some used too. example: moving and doging, no doubt people will have to get adjusted to it, after 10 minutes i got into it, or the "groove" as they say. After a while I got kicked off, but started a nice conversation on the game with a few others who went before hand. Alot to say, but in all agreement. It's an excellent game for the Wii. they've changed it up since people have last heard about it and it's as solild as it can be. Now if i was only drunk or tipsy at the time :thumbsup1:


continuing my tour of the ubizone. I tried my luck with the 360 version of R6 Las Vegas. Now, I love R6 with all my heart, but playing it on a controller isn't the greast thing in the world for me. Otherwise it's just halo-like. In short, same old same old, but very(i stress this) pretty. I did ask when would there be a PC version. To my surprise, told me to wait till the end of the month. I gave him props and told him to keep up the bitchin work.


now! off to the xbox booth!



Ok, all I have to say. I hate the controls. Epic has done a wonderful job everywhere else. The game feels a little clunky, I ended up playing 15 minutes because I was 1) Hungry, 2) DESPERATELY wanted to check out LoZ and 3) VERY hungry. There was some name calling and cursing at the monitors.


ok, so it's about 630 and i REALLY wanted to catch the nintenzone.


Infact, there was some DS Wifi action going on. I fail at mario kart. But kick ass in advance wars. TAKE THAT YOU BASTARDS.


I headed straight for it. You know it, I know it. And personally, I wish I didn't have to replace my 2 harddrives. I desperately want this game. Twilight Princess, is BADASS :thumbsup1:


But I might have to dive down for the GC version :(


Ok, on the wii.

Shooting bows = fun

Running around and slashing sheit = fun

Doing anything in particular= FUN


Seriously, if I brought my camera, I'd bet there'd be a picture of me doing the "arching the bow" pose. Beyond that I couldn't hear NOTHING from the speaker due to the very loud enviorment. Using the Wiimote+nunchuk combo takes some getting used too, like red steel, but lesser so on the scale. in all seriousness, i though i'd be able to type up my whoel expeirence with it, but can't. I will say it will be fun and it will be awesome. And as the only guy there with a Pink PhatDS. It will rock.


i wanted to catch Wii sports but we headed straight for the SH showing. (woo 10th time seeing the movie!)


Afterwards, caught up with some other guys who I don't know and only met before to go drinking and have some korean BBQ and I came home JUST BEFORE THE METROS AND BUSES STOPPED. GOAL.


Habs lost tonight according to sources


it is now 1:30 am and I am so tired. korean bbq is SO GOD DAMN GOOD WITH VODKA BLACK.



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