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Best Place to Trade in Used N64 system and Games?

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Poll: Best Place to Trade in Used N64 system and Games?

Best Place to Trade in Used N64 system and Games?

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yeah theyll never turn down anythin long as it has the standard stuff and it still works then ur good to go. i got rid of my n64 and got the ps2 for 120 when they had that special deal, and i saw a few n64s all wrapped up for sale and stuff...this was all at gamestop btw...

ipod spams? haha whatcha talkin bout RG?

o hey gameguy, welcome to the forum btw...

Look at his sig! :o

ahhh i c....scary... :)

I think there is a "no soliciting" rule here.

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I put alot of play into my nintendo 64 and now I am pretty much done with it.

I bet in 10 years time you'll want to back and play on it. :o



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ok, changed, you guys can stop whining now

i was just asking where i can get the best deal on trading in used n64 games. You didn't HAVE to read my sig. In fact, BoomBa_GoosE didn't even notice it. It's not like I spammed the boards with 30 topics in all caps about a "FREE IPOD"

I guess it will be gamestop that gets the games then. Though I don't know how much cash to expect.

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