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Gamecube/Wii Game Files

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Some of the files in the image dumps can be converted with some tools found online.

Note: Any file starting with the 4 bytes, "Yaz0", can be decompressed in yaz0dec.exe

BMD, BDL = Model files, BMDView2.exe can dump model / shader code / textures
BLO = Screen Layout ? (SCRNblo2), They seem all to be Yaz0 compressed. Contains some Padding. has filename entries.
REL = dll like file? usually Yaz0 compressed
RARC = file archive format, use rarcdump.exe
ARC = Yaz0 Compressed RARC file
TCG = compressed GCM, use tcgtogcm.exe
BTI = Texture file, use btidump.exe
BRK, BTP = Animation file, BMDView2 can read these animation files
PAK = Metroid Pack File, use mpackdump, files inside should be zlib compressed
SZS = Yaz0 compressed files, used in Mario Sunshine
TPL = Texture File, use tplcnv.exe
THP, MTH (THP with no audio) = Video file, use thpplayer.exe
H4M = Video file, no exe program for this? Try H4MPlayer DOL program
DOL, ELF = Gekko Executable Files
BNR = Banner File
MAP = symbol map, Dolphin debugger can load them
STR = string file
BIN = Binary file
DAT = Data file
JPC = Particle File
GCM = Gamecube Media Image, use GC-Tool, Dolphin, gcmdump.exe
MOVIE = video file. what can play this?
BSFT = Audio Table??
ASN = Some kind of table
RSO = Some sort of DLL/Lib like file (Module File)
BAA = Some Audio Index Table ??
BNF = Voice Table for Mic?
BFN = Something to do with Mic?
MLT = ??
LNG = Some file used with Mic
TXT = Text file
FNT = Font file
CSV = ?
MNU = ?
OLT = ?
ODB = ?
IMG = Some Image file (like TGC?)
SZP = ?
MDL = ?
KEY = Animation related?
RKV = ?
SEL = ?
RAW = raw data
BTK = ?
DZB = Model File? (might have some filename string with .modl inside), usually Yaz0 compressed
BCK = Animation? (JD3D1)
RPK = Model file with Bones, Material? Textures.
CDT = Something to do with models too, at least they are in the "models" directory of Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
GPL = ??
MES = ??
AGC = ??
GMD = ?? (found in SSBM)
FRD = ?? (found in SSBM)
IRD = Some sort of comment file. ("thank many many people!!!!!!!!" 0x0D 0x0A)
SCC = ?

AST (Steam), DSP, PCM = use vgstream
AW (Wave) = GCN Wave files?, don't know what can read these files
MSM = ?? (GSND)
PDT = ??
SSM = ?
HPS = ?
MBP = Some kind of sound-file
BCT =Binary CSW Table?, see: http://www.1emulatio...showtopic=29930
CSW = Sound Wave Pack, see: http://www.1emulatio...showtopic=29930

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