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[11/12/03] Aliens vs. Predator 2

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Game: Aliens vs. Predator 2

System: PC

Ever wanted to be on a horor movie? If you do, go see a psychiatrist. Who want to be killed? Ever wanted to be the monster on a horor movie? Get AvP2!!!

AvP2 is actualy 3 games in one: you can be human, alien, or predator, so it will only be fair to write something on each.

HumanPosted Image
The Colonial Marines, the top of earth fighters. They have the best weapons from all 3 species, but they are the weakest. They allso have a motion sensor that helps tham to track enemies. There are allso the Weyland-Yutani Corporates, at the role of the bad guys.
The marine campigan begins when your spaceship crashed, and you need to send an help signal. You are walking into a building, and suddenly, the door closes behind you, and you are alone, and..... hey, I am not going to ruin the surprise to you (if you don't have some extra cash, you are proberly hating me right now).

AlienPosted Image
The Weyland-Yutani Corporation had secret expiriments on planet LV-1201, trying to controll the hive of the aliens. The aliens are like bugs: they start from an egg, than they became a facehagger,something that look like a combination between spider and crab, and need to find an incubator to grow inside (human or predator). Than it become a cheast-bruster, a snakelike thing, that is not very dangerus, and need to find a place to grow. Than, it finaly become a drone, a deadly aggressive creature, that you don't want to meet in a dark corner, or any other place... Anyways the greedy corporates want to controll the poor aliens...
The aliens have no tecnology, but their natural abilities are super. They are the fastest and strongest. They can crawl on walls, and they have a deadly attack called ponch, than makes them jump to a great distance, scream and destroy anything on their way. They allso have a great vision, that mark the different species in colors.

PredatorPosted Image
The Predator is a hunter. his hobby is to hunt humans and aliens. So who can blame him that the Weyland-Yutani Corporation made a base nearby? He just couldn't resist the temptation...
The predator is a hunter. He has good melee and ranged weapons. The most important thing for him is his energy. If he has enoth of it, he can become invisible, heal himself, use energy weapons ect. The predator allso has a speciel mask, that give him nightvision, race marking, and zoom-in. Just look for the muron who dare to stand steel when you are around...
The predator is a balance between the human and the alien. He is good at both range and melee, and have both tec and abileties.

Speed: 10 Try the multiplayer.

GamePlay: 10 Its the best.

Graphics: 10 it all look sooo real.

Sound: 10 I once jumped in my chair in the marine champigan when I heard the aliens

Overall Score: 10

Grade: A++

Overall I give this game a big :D

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