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MAME WIP Page Updated

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The mame wip page has been updated with the following progresses, here's whats new:

-2003-01-16: Malice submitted information on how to get Jurassic Park to boot, though controls aren't emulated and background graphics are missing like with the other games in the Sega System 32 driver. Acho A. Tang sent in a driver for B-Wings and Zaviga.

-2003-01-15: Stephane Humbert and Tim added yet another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver. Aaron Giles finally figured out the protection in Ultimate Tennis, making it fully playable. Nicola Salmoria adjusted the sound frequency in the Home Data driver and got Mahjong Ikagadesuka to boot, but unfortunately sound and inputs don't work so it's not playable. Pierpaolo Prazzoli re-submitted some Playchoice and VSNES improvements. R. Belmont fixed the pitch problem in the YMF278B sound chip, noticeable in the Strikers 1945 II coin insert sound.

-2003-01-14: Quench cleaned up the TNZS driver. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in Boggy '84. Andrea Mazzoleni sent in some small compiling fixes. Brian A. Troha fixed some DIP switch settings in the SSV driver. Nicola Salmoria sent in another update to the Home Data driver, making Mahjong Kojin Kyouju (Private Teacher), Mahjong Vitamin C, Mahjong Yougo no Kiso Tairyoku, Mahjong Kinjirareta Asobi, Mahjong Jogakuen and Mahjong Lemon Angel work with perfect inputs and sound emulation.

-2003-01-13: David Haywood re-merged some old submissions with 0.63. Aaron Giles fixed the sound banking in the Art & Magic games and improved the protection emulation, but it's still not complete. Quench added better M-Chip protection emulation to the TNZS driver and improved the i8x41 CPU core. David Haywood also added Boggy '84 to the Fast Freddie and Jump Coaster driver. Nicola Salmoria replaced the MCU simulation hacks with full emulation of the uPD7807 CPU in the Home Data driver, also making the sound emulation work fine.

-2003-01-12: Nicola Salmoria further improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver and hooked up zoom in it. Aaron Giles fixed the DIP switches in it and figured out the protection interface in Ultimate Tennis and Stone Ball, but the protection data is missing so they still aren't playable. Phil Stroffolino sent in an updated Halley's Comet driver that is pretty close to playable, but some blitter problems still remain. Bryan McPhail emulated the i8751 protection in Firetrap so the original version works. Stephane Humbert fixed the inputs and DIP switches in the Gumbo driver.

-2003-01-11: Nicola Salmoria improved the decryption of the blitter data in the Art & Magic driver. Paul Priest added gun emulation to Zombie Raid in the Seta driver and Stephane Humbert fixed some of the DIP switches in it. Vasara 2 was also added to the SSV driver. Angelo Salese further improved the decryption in Quiz F1, fixed the DIP switch settings in Final Star Force and fixed the crash in Jeutel's Defender and cleaned up the decryption in it.

-2003-01-10: Stephane Humbert added another version of SF2 to the CPS-1 driver, and he partially fixed the DIP switch settings in Super Doubles Tennis. Aaron Giles wrote a driver for Tickee Tickats.

-2003-01-09: David Haywood removed the Neo Geo BIOS hacks and added support for other BIOS ROMs than the one that is currently used. David Haywood also added Zombie Raid to the Seta driver but it's unplayable because the controls aren't hooked up and the sound is not emulated. Bryan McPhail added Super Doubles Tennis to the Burger Time driver. Bryan McPhail also fixed the erratic coin inputs in the i8751 emulation in the Karnov driver.

-2003-01-08: Jarek Burczynski started working on a driver for Cannon Ball (not the Atari prototype nor the Yun Sung games that have the same name). David Haywood added another clone of Super Visual Football called Super Visual Soccer to the Sega System 32 driver.

-2003-01-07: R. Belmont added scrolling to the background graphics in the Jaleco Mega System 32 driver but it doesn't work perfectly yet. Bryan McPhail fixed the IremGA20 sound chip emulation from crashing if sound was turned off, and he added save state support to V20, V30 and V33 CPU cores. Aaron Giles sent in a work in progress driver for the Art & Magic games that supports Ultimate Tennis, Cheese Chase and Stone Ball, the problem being that the blitter data format is encrypted so all graphics are garbled. Uki added the Japanese version of Shanghai Kid called Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken, and two other versions of Real Mahjong Haihai and The Mahjong.

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