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Neco 0.11 Released!

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Neco is a PC Engine emulator for Windows & BeOS. Only the Windows binary has been updated.

- Handle Zip files to load ROMs or skins

Emulator (Video):
- Backgrounds X/Y Masks -> Less weird gfx
- Raster Compare -> Modification of a value -> Better vertical scrolling

Emulator (CPU):
- Banks Masks on TAM -> Less crashes
- Interruptions -> Addresses pushed are not decremented
- Some instructions fixed (TRB($1C))

- Menu Added
- More fonts (ViewBars)
- Background Color or Image
- Cursor Image
- Minimization of views
- File Dialog to open files
- Key events restructuration (use of pointers to methods)
- Surface Resizement

Configuration File:
- Set numbers of instructions to be displayed
- Set the number of cycles to execute before starting Neco
- Set a breakpoint

Get it at - http://etud.epita.fr...ing_v/dev/neco/

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