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L4D Campaigns: Hope to use Hammer for this! Ed

Posted by Wizard , 19 November 2008 · 331 views

Title: "The Well and The Lighthouse"
Slogan: "Only the moon was shining back."
Synopsis: Get from the tunnels to the lighthouse to active the light for rescue to arrive!

Map set: Tunnel, a bridge and a small village.

Stage 1: Tunnels

Survivors start off in a blocked off tunnel, make their way into the through the service tunnel system to get to bridges

Stage 2: Bad Vibrations

Survivors exit out of the service tunnel and into the open. With only a bridge to trek until they reach the small town.

Stage 3: Neighborhood #2

Survivors must traverse this destroy neighborhood of the village to activate the radio tower and  to get to the safe house.

Stage 4: Neighborhood #3

Survivors must find their way through the final end of the village to turn on the power before they can head to the light house. Find a way to reroute the power then hit the breakers!

Finale: The power is on, all that's left is to make their way to the lighthouse complex on the cliff side! Activate the beacon and hold out until rescue arrives!

What am I doing?


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