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Rock Band is forever ruined for me

Posted by Skythe , 08 October 2009 · 1,135 views

Just recently (a la yesterday), I checked out some news for the LEGO Rock Band game. David Bowie and Iggy Pop will be in it in LEGO form. I'm not pissed about that. It's the Rock Bandwagon fans. They bitched and bitched about Guitar Hero having celebrities in it or "selling out" by making so many games either numerical or a certain band related, yet etched Hypocrite on their own tombstones.

I hate these fuckers. They've gone around talking about how great it is to have a LEGO game, Beatles, 1 and 2 but they keep forgetting theres an AC/DC game too, all while bashing Guitar Hero for mainly just having more titles. Fuck em. Fuck em all. I bet if the game said LEGO Guitar Hero they'd bash it all the way to hell.

I don't even like touching this game anymore because of these worthless faggots.

I just want super powers so I can destroy the world. I hate people.

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