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I Hate Voodoo

Posted by Skythe , 04 October 2009 · 1,527 views

Have you ever woken up and had the strange feeling that someone has sprinkled voodoo juice all over ya? Hmm, no?! Well damn, I'm alone on this one then I guess.

I think I need a chicken, a golf ball and the May 1997 issue of Playboy to cure myself of this.

I hate it. Ever since the movie Candyman came out, everyone's been voodooing. Course, they always fuck it up. Trying to chant a word for someone to die by the plague and you made you're coworker have a tail. Pinning a doll in the stomach so your ex-boyfriend hurls and you killed some guy in a Starbucks across the street by invisibly gouging his eye.

I seriously think this magic religion was founded by retarded midgets.

Yamma - Yamma - Yammmmmmma!http://www.youtube.c...h?v=72tBrTuq8ws
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