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Things are starting to get better

Posted by Kenshinsama , 27 February 2008 · 1,473 views

well I took care of that cop issue. the guy got suspended for 4 months with no pay and hes up for review. though me being the great big teddy bear I am...I kinda feel for the guy...what pushed him to do that? I mean something completely outlandish just had to flocking make this guy snap...I could see the regret in his eyes when he saw me...have you ever done something...wrong and know its wrong yet...do it anyway? for whatever reason? well thats dumb everyone has done that....buit have you done it knowing or at least thingking you wont get caught? inthe end I may feel alittle sorry but it is what it is. now he cant do that to someone else....that being said...its 2:...lol

Black man out!-

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