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Character design: Dictator

Posted by Sybarite Paladin AxL , 06 February 2008 · 618 views

Otherwise known as Bison/Vega/Barlog, depending on what country you play your Street Fighter in.

Personally I don't give a rat's ass about this crappy confusion so I'll spell it out right now how I think it should be.

Dictator: Barlog, because it makes perfect sense when applied to him, if it doesn't to you, read some LotR, or if that's too hard, watch the first movie.
Spanish Ninja: Vega, duuuuh...
Boxer: Mike Bison. I don't care about the obvious reference to Mike Tyson. He's too much of a retard to sue anybody anyway.

Right, that being said, force of habbit is such a biatch that I've gotten used to Dictator: Bison, Boxer: Barlog.
So I'm not gonna try and shake this off because it's going to annoy me for the rest of my life.

Aim: to create an "ultimate" version of post-SFA3 Bison. Keep in mind, this does not mean he's a boss.

Sprites: I'm torn between CvS and SvC sprites here. Both are great. I find CvS Bison doesn't show too much evil emotion tho, as opposed to SvC Bison who almost always has an evil superiority-complex-ridden grin. That's a great plus for the SvC sprite.

Voice: the CvS voice here shines above all. SvC voice comes second, and SFA voice comes last, although I can't even factor the 3rd one in because it's for Bison's first body so clearly there must be differences.

Sounds: SvC sounds are somewhat better, although a mix between the two would be interesting.

Move set: I'm going to bring back pre-SF2 Bison's moves and combine them with CvS Bison's new moves. That's basically it. SvC Bison's moves list completely fails unfortunately. I'm also changing the controls around a bit. Details will follow later.

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