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Well, time for an update

Posted by Agozer , 29 August 2009 · 2,396 views

Heh, I came to the realization not long ago that I still have this blog thing here on 1Emulation.

Might as well give the n+1 people who occasionally glance this way an update of sorts.

  • I'm starting work on my bachelor's thesis as soon as I've submitted my topic and it's been officially approved.
  • I'm extremely lazy regarding the entry above, but I promise that I'll finish it.
  • Still haven't been able to find a job, but at least my students aid from KELA (Finnish Social Insurance Institution, more or less) keeps me going for a while. Also, living at home is the way to go, taking into account the overall state of the economy and employment figures.
  • I've had my own apartment for several years now, but I rented it. Keeps some cash flowing in, as well. Currenly 820/month (That's roughly $1170) with 45m2 worth of space (that's roughly 484ft2).
  • Mana Khemia 2: The Fall of Alchemy was just released a few days ago for the PS2. I'm hoping to give it ago tonight
  • Being a PS2 collector of some caliber, my collection now numbers around 128 original PAL releases + 20-something backups. I'm not a "must collect everything" kind of a collector; just collecting the games that are truly worth a look and worth my time. Also, no GTA or FPSes because those work fine on the PC, too. Finally, sports games are a no, unless a sports game has an arcade touch (i.e. Burnout Revenge, Everybody's Golf, etc).
  • Silent Hill: Shattered memories will be released for both the Wii and the PS2 in a few months. It's a re-telling and re-imagining of the first SH game. Can't wait.
  • Been listening to the Street Fighter IV soundtrack a lot lately. Great stuff.
  • And finally, give Poets of the Fall a listen on YouTube.

That's it. I'm out. Laters.

Yeah...Looks like you're going to have to hold a 1emu party at your place so we can play those games!I wish you the best of luck with your schooling!
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Can I come visit you Aarni?
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Can I come visit you Aarni?

Sure, but I'd much rather get out of my mom's house first and settle in my own apartment.
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