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A new outlook on life

Posted by Mooney , 26 March 2007 · 501 views

A few days ago, when Gamecop asked me to write a tutorial on DLDI, I had no idea how big of a project it would become. I wrote the first draft including 2 of the 3 Windows apps in just a few hours, but since then I've found myself using multiple computers and OS's to get more info. I've used two Windows PCs, one MacOS X laptop, and an Ubuntu Linux Live CD. I've visited chishm's website so much I've practically memorized it, I've talked on #dsdev for an hour trying to figure out UNIX commands, and I've installed software on my comp that I never would have otherwise. Needless to say, it has been quite an adventure even after only 4 days since posting it.

What with my recent surge of writing tutorials, I have discovered that I am rather fond of writing. I also looked back at the game reviews I've written and recalled taking immense joy in writing those, too. With this in mind, I decided to revise my plans for the future. Since the whole "become a master programmer" thing wasn't really working out, maybe I should set my sights on something more realistic? I mean, both of my parents are professional writers, so I guess writing is just in my blood. Now I would be happy to become a writer for a gaming/tech magazine, or even for a gaming company. Of course, I will have to look at colleges all over again, but I find that rather amusing as well.

Now, all I have to do is test the DLDI tool on Linux, and I can rest for a while... I hope. :blink:

For Sale

Computer Parts- AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ (NEW in box!) = $150Gaming- Nintendo Wifi USB Connector = $25- PSP Parts (Available: Any part from a stock PSP except the mobo and faceplate) = Make an offer!Misc- Creative Zen 16GB portable media/mp3 player (Used) = $150- Aluratek Bluetooth USB Adapter = $15Shipping costs will be added on.All (Used) items are in perfect working condition with no physical damage (excluding minor scratches on screens and whatnot).

Bands I've seen live

- KISS- Keep of Kalessin- Behemoth- Dimmu Borgir- High on Fire- Job for a Cowboy- Children of Bodom x 2 *- In Flames- Whitechapel- Psycroptic- Aborted- Born of Osiris- Despised Icon- The Faceless x 2- Cryptopsy- Vader- Kataklysm- The Black Dahlia Murder- Between the Buried and Me- Down *- Neuraxis- Obscura- Cannibal Corpse ** Met band members, too

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