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Nsrt V3.2 And 4 Released.

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Nach released 3.2 along with 4 :lol::lol:


Nach writes: Here's what's awesome


It's simply amazing, this version is so good, we had to go back in time to bring it to you!


Here's a list of what is amazing:


-NSRT can generate SNES ROMs from just the CRC32!

-The GUI interface was re-written in OpenGL. We are now the first rom tool to offer a first-person 3d interfaces ala half-life! As such the system requirements to run NSRT has increased to require an AMD AthlonFX-53, 2 GB 533 DDR Memory, and an ATI Radeon 9800XT.

-Netplay now available.

-Latest ZSNES CVS built completely into NSRT.

-Database Plug-in support! This will allow other database makers to make listings and detection routines for other consoles, thus completing our domination over database tools.

-If you have a 32-bit TWAIN compatable scanner, NSRT can render a 3d holographic image of a random SNES cartridge for 5 seconds before your scanner blows up. (you won't believe how many scanners we lost to beta-test this feature)


And most important of all:



Except for the TUI, this release is better than NSRT 4 in every way!


Don't forget to check out NSRT 4 as well.




Go here: http://nsrt.edgeemu.com/

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