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Tandy Color Computer - either 2 or 3

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I'm completely new to this. I have no idea how to convert cartridges to ROMS. I want to convert Demon Attack for the CoCo into a ROM file. What do I need to do this?


And don't tell me to look for the actuall ROM for Demon Attack, cause I've searched my ass off and can't find it!! lol, (bought one off of ebay!!)

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You actually bought the game? You can't dump it unless you have a CoCo backup unit. (=copier). And I've never even seen copiers for CoCo.


EDIT: Wait, I might want to scrap that. Do you have a cartridge or a diskette? (whatever CoCo is using). There's a difference between those, you know.

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It's a cartridge, and I'm going to purchase a coco off of ebay, i'm not sure when though. i'm wither getting a coco 2 or 3. I have never heard of a copier? If someone knows where I can find that one game "Demon Attack" I'd appreciate it. If no one knows where, and if no one has the ROM, could someone teach me how to convert that game to ROM format. I've got 7 ROM coco games on my PC, so obviously it can be done. But how?

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