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second hand games?


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i love going around second hand shops.

in the uk all dreamcast games are around £5 now and i got tech romancer and SF aplha 3 for £3 each!

not only that but got home and opened up the SF game box and lo and behold no game mannal!


in the other side of the cd holder i had got a copy of mavel vs capcom for FREE!

i had been looking for it for ages :P


anyone else had any shock bargins to beat this one

come on! i know it hard but i think someone has <_<

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I got to a second hand shop too...I can take my old, million times played PSX games there and get some money off them. Nothing beats a good, -cheap-, second hand PS2/GameCube/X-BOX game, instead of buying one brand new with a hefty price tag.

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