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mGalaxy v5.0 released


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Hours and hours in development, a lot of additions, listening for (nearly) every users wishes, making mGalaxy more opened, more practical,...more powerful.

New and updated in this release:

• : Xbox 360 controller support.

• : Vertical (portrait) theme support.

• : Database support extended to all systems.

• : Multiple extensions support.

• : mGalaxy is now “portable”.

• : Clock display added.

• : “Filtering on Players” notification icon added.

• : New key added: ‘Info window’

• : New key added: ‘Pick a random game’

• : Change in the way AutoIt scripts are used.

• : mGalaxy_Runway: “Exclusion Words” field.

• : mGalaxy_Runway: new “Use database file (if available)” button.

• : mGalaxy_Runway: new “Import database file” button.

• : mGalaxy_Runway: new “Use script file (if available)” button.

• : mGalaxy_Runway: last folder kept in memory.

... Note that since v4.0 mGalaxy is multi-emulator compatible!

Spread the news !!
More info and download on http://www.mgalaxy.com

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