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Nestopia UE 1.45

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Nestopia is an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom (and Famicom Disk System). It is a computer program that acts like a physical piece of hardware. In other words, this is a method of preserving videogame history, with the welcome side effect of allowing you to play NES games on a modern computer.

Change log:

Unix Shell:
  • Added the ability to switch FDS disks for multi-disk games
  • xBR filter options
  • Support for more archive formats through libarchive
  • Differentiated Soft/Hard Reset
  • Removed internal zip and 7zip decoders in favour of libarchive
  • Replaced gtk_key_snooper with key_press_event and key_release_event
  • 7zip CRC check segfault
Windows Shell:
  • xBR filter options
  • Redundant TV Aspect checkbox removed from NTSC filter dialog
  • Modified default sound settings to avoid desync
  • blargg's NTSC filter core option
  • L/R now insert coins on Vs. System games
  • xBR filter added - Hyllian, notBald
  • Triangle volume bug in Dendy mode - emu-russia
  • NTSC filter background colour fix - blargg
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