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mGalaxy v4.0 released


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Major update: mGalaxy is now multi-emulators compatible!


New and updated in this release:


• mGalaxy is now working with a lot of emulators, covering major arcade, computer and console systems


• New button in ‘mGalaxy Runway’ to quickly erase an “old” MAME database, when a new MAME version is installed.

• New button in ‘mGalaxy Runway’ to backup the user’s settings to an auto-extractible .zip archive.

• The ‘Escape’ key (Player 1 + Player 2 combination for ‘I-Pac’ owner) previously used to quit mGalaxy is now used to choose the console/system you want to play OR quit mGalaxy.

• New 'Interface Volume' settings in the Menu window.

• New sound engine, no more need to have Windows Media Player installed to hear music.

• ...




Spread the news !!

More info and download on http://www.mgalaxy.com

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