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ver .02b


What it is:


RoM-Jacket was created to allow roms to be launched with a configuration indipendent of the emulator and within a library structure compatible with popular media-center/arcade front-ends such as XBMC, Hyperspin, Game-EX, Media Browser/Gamebrowser etc...

The process of creating and updating a library of roms for a front-end is greatly automated through the use of the drag'n drop interface provided by RoM-Jacket.


What it does:
  • Downloads, installs and configures emulators, front-ends, and joystick programs including any required dependencies.
  • Creates a library structure for emulated console and arcade systems.
  • Generates joystick profiles and a rom-launcher for each rom inside a folder of its name.
  • Configures the Media Browser plugin: Gamebrowser 1.x and XBMC plugins: Advanced Launcher and Rom Collection Browser.

How it works:


RoM-Jacket uses dirty-logic to determine your existing library's contents and roms you want.

RoM-Jacket will introduce itself and make obscene gestures. RoM-Jacket knows what to do with your bios. Just relax and let RoM-Jacket handle your joystick.



This program is not even a program but a piece of scrippery taking your computer from behind and having its way with it. It is made of glue and macaroini and was written with crayons.

I take no responsibility for any damage Rom-Jacket may cause upon execution. I've tested this at least twice however it contains small pieces of glass and should only be used under the strict supervision of an adult.







Install the program, initialize RoM-Jacket and go through the wizard.

Once complete you can configure RoM-Jacket and three icons will appear on the desktop:
  1. Rj_Configurator
  2. RoM-Jacket-Folder
  3. BIOS-Folder


General usage:


Copy roms into the RoM-Jacket-Folder and use the the Configurator to update your library and components. You may also drag'n drop roms you wish to add to your library onto the "Rj_Configurator" icon on your desktop to update your library automatically. Once your library is updated, you may process the new roms (create launchers/joystick profiles).




Depending on the number of roms in your library, an update may take several minutes.



RoM-Jacket will leave roms with unspecified extensions unsorted inside the Rom-Jacket folder. A wizard is provided to assist in sorting these manually.


The following extensions are CD/DVD based and/or not unique:













Though not configured automatically, roms with these extensions ARE properly processed once in your library.


BIOS Files:


Bios files for your emulators may be dragged into the Bios-Folder to be added automatically or through the Configurator.






  • Complete emulator autoconfigurations
  • Support for UNC paths
  • Support for Hyperspin
  • Support for Game-EX
  • Support for Joy2Key

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