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Xectuer Confirms Custom Kernel in the Works!

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This is no longer a rumor. Team Xecuter has confirmed that it is in fact true. new vid at the bottom. :-D





This is one of the hottest rumors going around the 'net right now like wildfire, it was all started with a short video that was posted on the Xecuter forums last night then quickly removed, and that just made the rumor even hotter, the video which was saved by 'consoleopen' seems to show an Xbox 360 console booting up a custom kernel, much like the early modding days of the original Xbox 1, but nothing more is known at this moment except it looks sexy and cool and will rock the Xbox 360 on its feet if it turns out to be true and so far it is looking that way, after digging thru all our sources and what people are saying on the grapevine. smile.png




It is still unclear whether it is some sort of kernel hacked or a real modchip which acts on the behavior of the console: The fact is that it looks like something on a sort of “development kernel” much’ advanced than those we have seen so far, in fact the modified kernel that we use on our consoles are nothing more than official kernel modified so as not to check the authenticity of executables: This seems to be able to act on the behavior of the console, configuring parameters such as vital KeyVault (the secured area of ​​the console that makes it “only” ) or other unusual features that usually are not seen in normal console. In the menu’ we are shown after bootscreen, we can see some of this mysterious setting Xecuter Fusion, I took the liberty of “interpret” settings that are displayed on screen, of course take my translations with pliers, However, as for now it's all a rumor: Team Xecuter has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of an Xecuter Fusion.
  • Pair DVD Drive: Pairs the DVD Drive to this console by using the DVD Key in the Keyvault.
  • - Lets “combine” DVD Drive installed on the console using the DVD contained in the Key Keyvault.
  • Current Mode: Retail Change the system encryption mode. Games like Rock Band that use internal system encryption will need this set to retail in order to work properly.
  • - I have no idea what it might mean, is likely to regard something with encryption of executables….
  • Boot DeV-Launcher Current mode: Disabled: Enable/Disable the dev launcher. When this is disabled, the console will skip booting to the dev launcher and boot directly to the Dashboard.
  • - As I understand from here, there seems to be a launcher “primary” called Dev-Launcher that lets you choose what to do, and this option you can’ deactivate.
  • Trainer Mode (NOT ACTIVE) Enable/Disable trainer mode. When trainer mode is enabled the system will boot to the launcher if the ‘X’ button is held down when a game is launched.
  • - Still to be defined, but, without a doubt the start of the games and one of the launcher.
  • Internal 1337 h4x br0
  • - Nothing to report.
  • Generate Keyvault generate a new keyvault using the console ID and write it to the console. keyvaults generated by this option will allow banned console back onto XePartnerNet.
  • - This is pretty interesting: Generate a new KeyVault starting the console by ID, This option would allow the console to be banned in the fall XePartnerNet, which is the “dark side” and little-known Microsoft network: in the restricted area because there are previews for reviewers and developing versions of the games… A section certainly not accessible to all.
  • System Change settings that affect how your console operates appears.
  • - Change the settings that affect how the console operates.




Things are getting VERY interesting now. Custom Boot animation and Custom Kernel. Nice :P


NEWS SOURCE: http://tortuga-cove....php?f=13&t=2810

VIA: http://www.ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/2886-RUMOR-Xecuter-Fusion-A-New-Kernel-Emerging


XECUTER: http://www.team-xecu....ad.php?t=83003

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