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nGlide - Zeus

nGlide 0.97 - 3Dfx Glide wrapper released

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nGlide is a freeware Glide wrapper for Windows and DOS games. It allows you to play 3Dfx games on modern GeForce/Radeon graphics cards. Some of them are Diablo 2, Need for Speed 2-5, Carmageddon 2, Tomb Raider, Turok. Both versions of APIs are supported, Glide2 (glide2x.dll) and Glide3 (glide3x.dll). Glide wrapper also supports high resolution modes.


nGlide 0.97 changelog:



-added support for Descent 2 (with DOSBox + Gulikoza patch)

-added support for F-16 Multirole Fighter

-added support for F-22 Lightning 3

-added support for Nascar Racing 3

-added support for TrickStyle

-added support for Uprising: Join or Die

-added support for Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy

-added support for Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy (Demo)

-fixed Croc: Legend of the Gobbos transparency issues

-fixed MIG-29 Fulcrum textures bugs

-fixed POD Gold car wheels bug

-fixed Powerslide texturing and primitive issues

-fixed Sports Car GT mipmap option crash

-fixed Sub Culture no movies bug

-fixed Wacky Races blue menu bug



-improved support for TEXTUREBUFFER extension (used by Glide64)

-fixed Sinistar: Unleashed crash



-added support for Alt+Tab switching

-improved points and lines drawing method

-fixed compatibility with Antialiasing forced in the Display driver panel

-fixed primitive clipping problem on AMD Radeons


Glide wrapper download

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